Say hello to the future

Say hello to Habari. We have a whole new bag of tricks.


It's been an exciting few days around these parts, and the crazy thing is that we are just getting started.

As you might have noticed you are reading this on a shiny new Habari Project website. Many hours of design and development went into producing a responsive theme that could carry us into the future. Speaking of the future, did you see the Addons Catalog? Not merely a place to find themes, plugins and bundles, the Addons Catalog is the first movement in a greater symphony of awesomeness 2013 will bring.

Addons Catalog

The Catalog is currently powered by Github, and pulls from Habari Extras. What is exciting is that the catalog has been crafted to allow you to host your addons in your own repo. We don't lock you into using a repo we control. Simply add a call to our import beacon to your webhooks list, and you are good to go. In the coming months we will be releasing support for other repository providers like bitbucket and beanstalk. Did we mention that you can find the code that powers our catalog in Habari Extras? Feel free to fork away and do something amazing with it.

Addons Installer, aka The Cart

One of the unique features of the catalog is the cart. I don't know about you, but it can be frustrating to surf around a site looking for plugins and themes to add to my site. You have to download each one, go find them, unzip them, upload them, and activate them. What a mess. With the introduction of our cart, we are aiming to change all that.

Simply install the Addons Installer plugin, and then head to the Addons Catalog. Find the plugins and themes you want, and click "add to cart". Once you have all the groovy addons your heart desires, you click "install" and the hotness begins.

Eventually the Addons Installer will be a core plugin shipped with each version of Habari, but for now download it and give it a whirl. We think you will never want to go back to the old way of installing plugins and themes again.

Publishing Platform as Framework

Over the last year some really interesting work has been done to Habari's core system that introduces a number of features and API's that you would normally associate with an application framework. As of 0.9.1 Habari is an amazingly powerful publishing platform and an impressively equiped application framework. Embracing our love of minimalism, Habari functions as a light, speedy framework ready to build anything your heart desires. Here are some of the highlights of Habari the Application Framework.

  1. Namespaces — As of our current release Habari has adopted namespaces, allowing for it to play nicely with other projects and libraries.
  2. Hookable Autoloader — Have some classes your plugin requires? Add them to the autoloader from your plugin. One directory to rule them all.
  3. Rest API — This is a big one. We have introduced code to allow you to quickly and easily create RESTful APIs for your applications.
  4. Varnish Support — We have baked in support for Varnish, for all your high impact caching needs.

These are just some of the changes we have made to bring Habari into the framework space, but there are tons more.

Looking ahead to 1.0

That's right folks, work has begun on our 1.0 release and let me tell you, it is insane. From revamping our install experience (look ma, no installer!) to a redesigned and responsive admin we are building to a 1.0 release that will knock your socks off.

And this is just the beginning.