People First

Community trumps code every time.


Creating an easy-to-use software platform for publishing content is the goal of the Habari project, but our vision extends far beyond that. There is no shortage of robust content management systems available today. We could have thrown our individual and collective talents behind any one of those projects. Instead, we chose to do something much different.

We want to encourage new users to become new developers and designers.

While a great many people will be content to simply use Habari, without ever looking under the hood, we want to make it as easy as possible for the curious to find answers. We want Habari to be a solid foundation from which to build new skills. Whether those skills are in PHP object oriented programming or CSS and HTML, Habari should be clear, easy to understand, and an example of best practices.

We want to demonstrate the long-term value of Free Software.

The Habari Project has very intentionally chosen a software license and project governance model that supports our goals. The Apache Software License is a flexible license that permits for-profit use in a variety of contexts. We don't want to hold your business hostage through our software.

We want to foster a community of leaders.

It may sound trite when we say "Community > Code", but this is a foundational principle of the Habari Project. Source code contributions are just one example of how participants can advance the state of the art. We value useful documentation and beautiful theme designs just as much as we value elegant, readable patches.