Say hello to the future

Say hello to Habari. We have a whole new bag of tricks.


Download The Current Stable Version

The current stable version of Habari is 0.9.2. Download it now!

Release Notes

Version 0.9.2 of Habari is now available (September 16, 2014).

Alternate Downloads

A snapshot of the current development version is available for download.

Beware: Using the development snapshot may cause breakage on your site. If dealing with in-development glitches is not your cup of tea, try the latest stable download, above.

Compatibility Test

You can test whether your server is compatible with the development snapshot of Habari by uploading the requirements.php file to your host and viewing it through your browser. This file will show you what needs to be changed on your server to enable Habari, if required.

Github Access

The Habari git repository is located here:


Learn more about Habari on Github and the advantage of running Habari directly from the source control system.