News from Habari

That Was Quick! 0.7 Release Candidate 2


Quickly on the heels of our first release candidate we're happy to announce that Habari 0.7 Release Candidate 2 is now available.

RC2 includes some important security updates for the 0.7 series as well as bug fixes and enhancements. Anyone using a Developer Preview or earlier Release Candidate build is encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.

Details on the issues addressed in this release can be found in the 0.7-rc2 release notes. Full details on the changes since the 0.6 release can be found in the main 0.7 release notes.

You can download a zip file or check out the tag directly from Subversion!

As with all releases, please help out by reporting any bugs you find and stop by the mailing list or jump on IRC if you've got any questions or problems!