News from Habari

Squashed. Closed. Opened.


We had lots of people drop by during the Bug Hunt at the weekend, and for the most part it was good fun. Many bugs were squashed, many tickets closed, and some issues found. In the process, we merged in the schema changes for the upcoming 0.6 release, and planned the future, in a Habari kind of way.

While it was 13 September somewhere in the world, Habari had 63 commits (though some of this was branching and merging fun and games), 12 new tickets and 30 closed tickets. And, as often happens, the momentum continued afterwards, so all in all this week Habari has had 114 commits, 21 new tickets and 34 closed tickets. Not a bad result.

The extras repository has also had a bit of attention, with nine commits, including one new plugin, and one new ticket. Again, the momentum continued, so that this week the extras repository has had 46 commits, including three new plugins to bring it to over 100 plugins now, four new tickets, and one closed. And if the plugin you desperately need isn't there, add a plugin to the wishlist and maybe someone can help you out.

A successful hunt. Of course, the invitation to drop by IRC for a chat is always open. There's always someone there.