News from Habari

Partnering with PHPWomen


The Habari Community is proud to announce our partnership with PHPWomen in their efforts to help bring more people into the larger community of Open Source Software. We have always said "Community is more important than code." The Habari Community makes a concentrated effort to ensure our community is open and inclusive for all developers and users. We believe we were chosen to be an inaugural partner in this program because we have already put significant effort into creating an open and welcoming environment. This partnership with PHPWomen will, we believe, help provide us with guidance in this making more progress towards an inclusive community..

PHPWomen has launched a partnership program for open source projects that are committed to embracing diversity and providing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for contributors. We work closely with project leaders to identify specific areas of need, and will actively encourage our members to participate by promoting those needs through various channels. In return, the project leaders will ensure that newcomers to their projects will be welcomed and their contributions appreciated. This includes fostering an open and friendly environment for all newcomers, not just females.

You can read Habari's Community and Diversity statement on our wiki.

If this is your first introduction to the Habari Community, and you'd like to learn more about us and how you can be a part of our project, read the Getting Involved page on our wiki, join our development mailing list or visit us on our IRC channel. We hope you like what you find, and we'd love any suggestions on how we can improve.