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Topic of the Month: Ownership


This will, hopefully, be the first in a series of monthly topics to address within the Habari Community. The goal of each monthly topic is to encourage community involvement, stir discussion and help us grow.

Ownership is a tough subject in the Habari Community. The ethos that all contributors are valuable, often leads to the belief that full consensus must be reached before action is taken. However, this can frequently lead to things stalling out completely as minutia is argued about (also known as bikeshedding).

One way to work around this is to have people take ownership for a particular thing and move it forward. This requires both ego (I'm going to make this item mine.) and humility (The work I do may get scrapped). If there's an aspect of the Habari Project that particularly interests you, I'd encourage you to step forward and take ownership of it, either individually or as a group. This doesn't mean that you should keep the work you're doing secret or that you have to finish something alone. It simply means that you work on it when you're able, and offer guidance and oversight to others who want to assist on that aspect of the project.

If documentation interests you, pick something, and document it. We can always clean up formatting or structure later. The important thing is to generate the documentation. The same goes for the wiki, creating themes, making screencasts or anything else you can think of. Just go for it and see it through.

We'd like to encourage members of the Habari Community to take ownership of some aspect of the project this month. Write a blog post about what you're doing and we'll do our best to encourage and support what you're working on. Hopefully, at the end of February, we'll have several things we can point at and say "We made this happen, and you led the way."