News from Habari

Interview with Ali B.


This week saw two new members join the Habari Project Management Committee. Since Michael Heilemann is traveling right now, it made picking the next victim for our interview series really easy. So this week's interview is with the other newest PMC Member Ali B. Enjoy!

Morydd: Good morning! (or afternoon as the case may be)

Ali B: Good morning :)

Morydd: You're known on IRC as dmondark, and on the mailing lists as Ali B. If we were to meet on the street, what would you prefer to be called?

Ali B: Ali is what I'd like to be called in real life.

Morydd: Okay. Well Ali, where is the place you call home? and is that where you live now?

Ali B: heh, that's a tough one :) Well, I've been living in Amman, Jordan for a long while now.

Morydd: How old are you?

Ali B: in 17 days, I will turn 29!

Morydd: Happy Birthday!

Morydd: What is it you do to pay the bills?

Ali B: I work as a system and network admin for EtQ's Jordan office. Also do some customer support when needed

Morydd: Other than Habari, what do you do when you're not working?

Ali B: Habari is taking most of my spare time which is a good thing. But I do have attempts to do a couple of web designs in photoshop. I also try to read more about PHP, and if I ever have time, read a novel.

Morydd: I know the feeling.

Morydd: How about some Habari related questions?

Ali B: Sure.

Morydd: How long have you been working on Habari?

Ali B: I first found out about Habari around September, 2007. Was learning to write plugins for another blog tool and was frustrated. I then forgot about it and I think the first time I logged in to #Habari was During December. And got really fascinated by how it is fully community driven as a project, and how nice people are. So I dug in :)

Morydd: And now, your fantastic Charcoal design is part of the core distribution of Habari, and you're one of the newest members of the Habari PMC.

Morydd: How do you envision your role on the PMC?

Ali B: To be honest, I didn't see that PMC invitation coming :) I see the PMC as a responsibility more than a privilege, I am willing to contribute in the decisions of the direction of the project, try to share as balanced a point of view as I can to help with those decisions. I am also willing to do more work in terms of welcoming new members (user and developers) and try to be one of the voices that speak the users language and express what would the users want from a blogging platform.

Morydd: What's your favorite Habari Feature?

Ali B: From a user perspective, Media silos. From a novice developer perspective, the way it is build from grounds up to be full extensible, to which, I think there are no limits of what you can do with it.

Morydd: And your least favorite thing about Habari?

Ali B: That's a tough one because nothing that I would like to see in a blogging platform, as a user, I can't find in Habari. As a developer, I can't really say yet. I am what you can call a Habari fanatic ;)

Morydd: You're not the only one. So... We'll wrap up with some favorites. What are your favorite book, movie, color, music and foods?

Ali B: Those change frequently. But right now, my favourite book is "Down_and_Out in the Magic Kingdom" by Cory Doctorow (Thanks Chris Davis), my favourite move is the LoTR triology, favourite color is most of the blue shades and sometimes charcoal (#333333) :) As for the music, I listen to anything from progressive metal to death metal, surprisingly love Classical and even more surprisingly Bluegrass. As for food, I love anything to do with Beef and Cheese.

Morydd: We'll if you're ever in Chicago, the first cheesy Italian Beef sandwich is on me.

Ali B: Deal!

Morydd: Well. it's been good talking to you. And welcome to the Cabal!

Ali B: Thank you. I hope I'll be able to do as much to the community as it's done to me.