News from Habari

Habari Summer of Collaboration


The Habari community was disappointed to learn that we were not selected as a member organization for the 2008 Google Summer of Code, but we're excited to see so many blogging and online publishing tools on the list of selected organizations. A healthy ecosystem of unique tools encourages all of us to continue to innovate to serve the needs of our users. Good luck all GSoC organizations!

Not making the cut for Google's Summer of Code doesn't mean we're closing our doors to collaboration, though! The application process helped us identify a list of possible projects for new participants eager to work on Habari. This list is open to anyone with a passion for PHP, blogging, and Habari, and is not restricted to only students. Of course, we can't offer you $4,500 USD for your work, but we're hoping that won't stop folks from getting involved with the wonderful Habari community!

As always, Habari development follows the meritocracy model, rewarding those folks who positively participate with an active voice in further development. We've grown from four to 18 committers in our short existence, and all signs are that that list will continue to grow as individuals lend their time, talent, and expertise toward making Habari a truly great publishing tool!

What's even more exciting is that we've recently modified the permissions on our Subversion repository to make it as easy as possible for community members to participate in on-going development through the use of SVN branches. We fully support the notion of allowing community members to "play in the sandbox" as they work toward implementing something new for Habari, and branches allow us to maintain revision control and history of that development for public review. Whether this is the exciting new Monolith theme for the administrative interface, work on Access Control Lists, or a robust database upgrade process, we think it's important that we not lose valuable developer effort and energy by creating too many barriers to participation.

Habari is ramping up for its first official beta release, and we want it to knock your socks off. What are you waiting for? Join us today, and help make Habari the best publishing product online!