News from Habari

Habari In the News: May 8, 2008


While not a lot has been happening on the news front of late, big news has been made behind the scenes here at Habari HQ. The fine folks over at Blogging Pro had some nice things to say about Habari in their run down of Self-Hosted Blog Options. As such a young application, it's an honor to be getting the kind of attention we are. In the meantime, our development team (which includes you!) has been doing some serious work. We've added new themes to our default install including Charcoal by Ali B. Which is clean, graphic, and strong; and Mzingi by Michael Bishop, which is more of a framework than a full-blown theme. Mzinigi is intended to serve as a launching point for designers to be able to quickly delve into Habari's theme system and make something unique.
This week also saw the merge of Monolith into our core code. Monolith is (in my not unbiased opinion) going to be one of the signatures of Habari, and will change what people expect when they use a blog platform. This admin design is a huge step forward. On the heels of these changes the Project Management Comittee (fondly known as the Cabal), has invited both Ali B. and Michael Heilemann (who concieved and spearheaded the Monolith project) to join the PMC, and we're happy to say that both have accepted! Look forward to upcoming interviews with both of them (and some other PMC members) in the near future.