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Habari 0.7 Released!


It's been a long road, but Habari 0.7 is finally seeing public release.

Over the past two years Habari has had more than 1400 bug fixes and enhancements applied to it. Major areas of improvement include:

  • Blocks. When a theme defines an area for them, blocks added by the theme and plugins can be displayed, configured, and rearranged without the theme user needing to edit any theme files. The theme configuration page has been enhanced to make adding such content a matter of click, drag, and drop.
  • Taxonomy. Scary word, we know, but the functionality it enables is fantastic. Using the proper plugins, users now can easily create new types of content on their site, use almost any type of menu structure, including nested posts and pages, or create vocabularies only they can imagine. Habari's built-in tagging system has been rewritten to build on the taxonomy structure, and many plugins already exist for other kinds of content.
  • Installation. Habari's Installer has been much improved, making it easier than ever to install Habari.
  • I18n. More translations are distributed with Habari, including major European languages and Russian. These have been created by the community, for the community.

For more details, read the complete release notes, and make sure to see the upgrade instructions if you're already using Habari.

Many thanks go to the Habari community for the usage, coding, translation, and creation of this fine piece of work.

But now, download Habari 0.7.

Update: Mauro Gentile (alias sneak), who reported the security issue mentioned in the final release candidate post and worked with us to fix it, has written an extended description of the vulnerability and the fix. Thanks Mauro!.