News from Habari

Habari 0.7 Developer Preview 3!


It's been almost a month since our last Developer Preview build, which means it's time for our third release!

The most notable changes in this release include the security fixes that were released in 0.6.5 and 0.6.6. Anyone using a prior Developer Preview release is encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible, particularly if you are using it in a web-accessible environment.

There have been a number of bugfixes to the new vocabularly system since the last release, including a fix that restores the ability to use theme template files to handle the display of a specific tag and a fix that no longer breaks the name of a tag. For more complete details, see the release notes.

You can download a zip file or check out the tag directly from Subversion!

As with all releases, please help out by reporting any bugs you find and stop by the mailing list or jump on IRC if you've got any questions or problems!