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Habari 0.7 Developer Preview 2!


It's been just over a month since we released the first official Developer Preview of our upcoming 0.7 release and boy what a month!

Owen and Rick have both put untold hours into revamping the code behind our new taxonomy system and simplifying the API, particularly for the native tags vocabulary. The legacy tag code has been dropped and they've reorganized the new taxonomy functionality into classes that are easily extended to provide your own custom terms and vocabularies with significantly less code.

Owen also made a change to the plugin API that simplifies offering configuration options, so if you're a plugin author be sure to catch up with his mailing list post about the changes.

The theme blocks functionality was also shown a good bit of love. If you're a theme developer and want to play around with the changes check out the Gray theme in the Extras repo for the latest working example.

As always dozens of other fixes and tweaks were included, so if you're able to help us test the latest code we'd really appreciate it!

You can download a zip file or check out the tag directly from Subversion!

Just like last time, please help out by reporting any bugs you find and stop by the mailing list or jump on IRC if you've got any questions or problems!