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Habari 0.6 released


Executive Summary: New release. Get.

And the longer version. We're really happy to announce our 0.6 release, which brings in the Access Control List (ACL)-based permissions system we've been working so hard on, along with oh, about 1100 bug fixes and other improvements. See the release notes for details.

With the addition of the extensible ACL system, Habari is now ideal for creating a variety of websites. Whether a single blog or a corporate publishing hub, you have granular control over permissions for every author and visitor to the blog. You can decide who can modify what, and where. To show off the ACL system, we've included a new 'private posts' plugin that lets you limit the visibility of posts to a subset of registered users.

Other changes include many enhancements to our administrative interface including speed and behavior improvements for a better publishing experience in a wider range of browsers. More than 100 API features have been added or improved to make life easier for theme and plugin writers, and other developers using Habari as a platform to build cutting-edge sites. System themes have also been updated with the new features and calls.

Grab a copy from our download page and take a look, let us know what you think, and join in the effort to create the best blogging software possible.