News from Habari

Flashback May 7-12


Welcome back to the Habari Flashback. We've had another busy week in the wake of the Monolith upgrade. Enjoy!


This week, on the Wiki more progress was made in documenting all of the various classes in Habari with the additions of CronTab and CronJob entries.

User Mailing List

On the habari-user list, help was given with using alternate languages in Habari as well as calling custom functions based on page slug.

Developer Mailing List

The habari-dev list was home to talk of adding color to the new administration system. The beginings of translation efforts for Habari were covered. Also, the some discussion of policy issues for Habari were brought up.

Issue Tracker

Once again we had a busy week on the issue tracker. The bulk of the issues reported relate to the merge of Monolith with core as we refine the administration of Habari. Additionally efforts towards internationalization continued with work on the translation of K2, as well as an addition to the FormUI functions.