News from Habari

Flashback June 15


Welcome to one unusual Habari flashback! Your usual host, Sean, is off having a baby, so expect a much lower-quality flashback than usual. Congrats to Sean, and good luck with your new blogger, er, baby!

Our last flashback was a while ago, and time flies fast in Habari-land, so there's plenty of news to report. As we make our approach for the landing of Habari 0.5, activity has increased to a nearly frantic pace. Brace yourselves...


This week on the Wiki we opened up the topic of Working Groups, specialized groups working toward a specific goal. We've got one group formed already, the podcasting group, and hopefully they can come up with something workable for PodCamp Ohio, which is now just two weeks away.

We've seen a bit of wiki production in documenting what we're going to do before we do it. There has been positive feedback in IRC on this method of producing documentation. Examples include the recent FormUI revisions, and the brand new Dashboard Modules.

Some other interesting happenings in the wiki take us straight to...

Development Mailing List

It seems there's some interest in producing Chinese translations in the wiki. Ideas for making this the best possible resource for all members of the community have been solicited. Maybe someone should form a Wiki Localization Working Group?

The undertaking to reorganize the -extras subversion repository for community plugins and themes has been accomplished. Heated debates about issues of user privacy took place on IRC and flooded into the mailing list. The requirement for javascript within the admin was discussed, including some ideas about creating a dedicated mobile admin interface.

Users Mailing List

Comparatively fewer messages have been trickling into the user list, but this is bound to change as Habari inevitably gains more user share.

The Solaris distribution continues to confound developers with its inability to support the PHP glob() function the same way as other platforms.

New plugins were released, including Date Ninja, a plugin that makes date entry on posts easier. New plugins for displaying the most recent entries from audioscrobbler and jaiku were also released.

Naranja, a new theme, was announced on the user list, as well as a theme named Aligned.

Code Stats

JibbyBot (our resident bot on Freenode IRC's #habari channel) reports that Habari has had 342 commits, 133 new tickets, and 123 closed tickets this month. That's a good bit of progress toward our 0.5 release. With you helping the community build it, we'll certainly see it very soon!