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Flashback: January 15-30, 2008


Welcome to another not-quite-weekly edition of the Habari Flashback. Before we get to our review of what's been happening in the Habari Development world, we have two quick announcements.

The Habari-contrib repository on Google Code has been migrated to the Habari-Extras section of HabariProject.org. There is a trac install available for the Extras as well as automated builds of the themes and plugins hosted there. Bringing this code under the HabariProject.org umbrella is part of Habari's committment to maintaining a close-knit community of developers, regardless of how they choose to contribute to the project.

Second, this Saturday (February 2nd, Groundhog's Day) we will be holding a bug-hunt and documentation review as the next major step in preparing for a 0.4 release! Stop into #habari on freenode.net if you'd like to help. We'll post more detailed information here tomorrow as well.

Without futher ado:


In Admin Options and Design Principles, Admin Options Page, Plugins Page, Titlebar, Options Page Draft Mockup, and Admin Menu 2.0 discussion of design options continued.

In Threaded Comments options for developing a threaded comments plugin were explored.

In Migration from WP to Habari several inconviences for users switching from WordPress to Habar were documented.

In question about committing to a branch a question about best practices when committing was raised.

In migrating -contrib to -extras several aspects of policy regarding the Habari-Extras repository were brought up for discussion.

In Private posts the status of the ACL system was inquired about.

In Log Size it was suggested that a method of pruning the log tables in the database be explored.

In On Oputput Format Independence methods of dealing with differences between different formats were discussed.

In Strange behavior of standard theme function a problem with compatibility between some themes and plugins was described.

In UserGroup an extended discussion of how Access Control Levels should be handeled occured.

In Habari on shared hosting exploration of using a single install of Habari to host several blogs occured.

In "All weblog apps suck" a link was provided to an article which details some of the flaws many users percieve in various applications.


Issues marked with * have been closed

*Unable to delete log entries: the delete function for log entries from the admin screen was non-functional

*Extra port is added when running on non-standard port a duplication of the function to include the port was noted.

*SQLite Searching is Broken Searching when using SQLite for the database was non-functional.

*Installer does not function in rev1295" an issue with the installer was noted.

Add IP based access limitations to /admin
a suggestion for a way to limit administration acess based on IP address was made.

Uncaught exception when deleting all spam at once When attempting to delete all spam, using SQLite, the function fails.

Requests to /page/blah cause an exception if an incorrect string is used in the /page/ url a error occurs.

SQLite broken in r1311a failure related to a cronjob that SQLite cannot process was pointed out.

Comments link not displayed some problems with K2 related to a broken hook were posted.

*K2 should style drafts and published posts differently a differentiation between published and draft post display was requested.

*Undelete plugin uses _() and The manual still references the _() function strings were incorrectly marked for internationalization

*x$post->comment_feed_link returns the entry's url, not it's comment feed url an error with the url returned when attempting to add the feed for a post in a theme was mentioned.
Not support Chinese Tag A problem with saving tags in Chinese was reported.

Installer does not support chinese
problems with Chinese characters when installing were described.

Automatic Draft Saving a request was made to automatically save in-progress drafts when composing entries.

Make UserGroup more OOP-y a modification in how the UserGroup class functions was proposed.

Only list supported PDO drivers in installer a suggestion was made to only display options for databases which have proper drivers in the installer.