News from Habari

Flashback: Jan 31-Feb 7


Another edition of the Habari Flashback is here! This week saw our first Bug Hunt, which was a great success. We're looking forward to the next release.


In Bug Hunt/Squash Doc Writing the first Habari Bug Hunt was announced, with some information about the process. A recap of the bug hunt was presented in Feb.2, 2008's Bug Squashing.

In template folder: prefixing key files a suggestion was made to make a differentiation between the functions of various files in Habari themes that can be visually scanned when viewing a directory.

In Admin Panel - Header the disccsion about admin presentation continued.

In /system/installer/db_setup.php needs to be set encoding Additional difficulties with encoding for international characters were pointed out.

In Delete user, reassign bug? it was pointed out that deleting an user does not reassign all posts by that user to another.

In Gone crazy with functionality the beginnings of a system to add and customize content types was discussed.

In installation a request was made to help test the install process of Habari, as well as a request for ideas on how to handle config.php

In PodCamp Ohio It was suggested that Habari become a sponsor for PodCamp Ohio in June. Donations were requested to help pay for this sponsorship. (As of this writing, we are nearing our goal of $500 to become a Gold Level sponsor. Any extra funds will help cover the cost of publicity materials to distribute at this and other events.)

In r1338 some questions were raised about some changes maded to SQLite functions

In Code Style the utility of some of the code style choices in Habari was questioned.

In Theming a request was made to develop additional theme engines for Habari.


This week, 25 issues were opened and 23 were closed.

In Flickr Silo Needs to Link photos back to Flickr it was noted that the flickr silo needs to link to flickr in accordance with the TOS. Closed

In Make E_STRICT compliant static items are not properly defined. A patch was provided.

In Nested lists break validation it is pointed out that paragraph coding is automatically inserted in lists.

In Add auto_vacuum to SQLite database installs it is suggested that the auto_vacuum be set on new SQLite installations.

In Atom claims to be created by Options::get('version') and not by the actual version it was noted that the function to display version in atom feeds was incorrect.

In Themes don't work properly if they don't define filter functions a error with how header and footer functions are handled was noted. A Patch was provided.

In Seperate active and inactive plugins on admin/plugins it was suggested that active and inactive plugins be displayed separately. A patch was provided.

In Manual/Wiki synchronization a list of pages that need to be updated to make the internal manual and the HP.o wiki consistant was provided.

In Config.php from root to /user It was suggested that this would allow a single folder backup to preserve all Habari settings.

In Reassign posts when deleting user reassigns only most recent 5 it was mentioned that deleing a user does not reassign all posts by that user. Closed

In hp.o has empty Atom feed the feed link for HP.o was empty. Closed

In support RSS2 with enclosures a request was made to support RSS2.0 so as to be compatible with itunes for podcasting.

In Plugins can't easily get a sub-directory URL a difficulty with getting URLs for subdirectories was pointed out. close

In Flickr plugin adds JavaScript to every admin page it was pointed out that Flickr plugin does not limit itself to the publish page.

In Update ACL to work with new UserGroup framework the need to update the ACL to take advantage of new funtionality was noted.

In SQLite doesn't have the OPTIMIZE TABLE statement it was noted that the the method for clearing overhead from Databases is different. A patch was provided. Closed

In K2 feed broken a problem with the feed in the default theme was described.

In Update adminhandler and admin/groups for ACL a UI for granting and denying permissions was provided.

In Problem in r1335 'direct URLs' it was discovered that the use of slashes in urls was inconsistant. A patch was provided

In Allow the addition of a trailing slash when getting a Pluggable's URL a patch was provided to allow pluggables to have a trailing slash in their URL

In The indexes listed in the SQLite schema file are not created during installation problems with the SQLite installer and dbdelta were mentioned.

In Change content types it was requested that it be possible to convert content from one type to another.