News from Habari

Flashback Jan 10-14, 2007


Welcome, once again, to the Habari Flashback. Your weekly recap of what's been going on in the bug tracker and the developer mailing list.


In Local Time Zone the question of how to work with time zones was raised again.

In My Plugin Page Mockup #1, Mockup: Login screen, Admin Options and Design Principles, Admin Options Page, and Plugins Page, concepts for the layout for the various administration pages were presented and discussed.

In Notice File a question was raised regarding the best practice for crediting contributers to the Habari Project within the copyright notice.

In Developer Docs a suggestion to categorize items in the Habari wiki directed towards developers was made.

In sudo opinions on how switching user levels should be presented were requested.


In Transition -contrib from Gcode to HP.o it was suggested that the content of the Habari-Contrib project repsoitory on Google Code be brought under the HabariProject.org umbrella.

In Comment approval notice to show links to posts a request to maintain a link to the comment in moderation after approval.

In Undefined function error when opening habari home while default k2 theme is used an error when using the default theme was pointed out.

In Wiki install instructions point to GCode the need to update the installation instructions on the wiki was commented upon.

In Incorrect IP addresses in log viewer a problem was discovered with how the IP addresses are recorded in the database.

In Post Creation Fails an error in relation to the plugins page and the compositon pages was pointed out.

In Patch: Updated Installer some improvements in the installer were presented.

In Move DR Zips to HP.o it was suggested that the packaged downloads for Habari releases be hosted on HabariProject.org.

In Accented characters are not shown in slugs an problem with how characters with accents are handled when converting titles to slugs was discussed.