News from Habari

Flashback Jan 1-9, 2008


Welcome to a new year here at HabariProject.org. As of the first of the year, the major steps of moving our code and our bug tracking have been moved to our own domain, so we'd love for you to let us know what you think. We've made some great progress already this year, and look forward to much more growth and progress in 2008.


In habari-contrib
it was suggested that the habari-contrib data be moved to HP.o now that trac and svn have moved there.

In Plugin and Theme doctypes
It was suggested that having themes and plugins specify their output format could ease some of the administration burden of maintaining a compliant site. Methods of insuring that this information is accurate were also discussed.

In Viddler silo
The first incarnation of a viddler plugn for habari was announced. Including recording directly in Habari, this demonstrates some of the potential that habari has.

In Wiki logins
The first step towards a unified user system for HabariProject.org was announced. Presently the wiki and trac system share logins, so you only have to create an account on trac to have be able to login to both.

In Display page at /, blog at /news
A solution to having a static page at the root and the "blog" in a subdirectory was requested. A solution was presented and a suggestion to create a plugin for that function was suggested.

In Documentation Suggestions
It was suggested that we allow users to file requests for specific documentation on trac.

In Admin Mockups Galore and Administration Options mockups v4
Several ideas for structure and layout within the various administration screens were presented and a lively debate about the merits of various features of each ensued.

In S9Y's Spartacus; Plugin & Theme Updates/Install/Search
A plugin management system example was suggested.

In Suggestion: Inline labels & help for label-less form elements
Concern about labeling of admin form elements were raised.

In Textile Plugin for Habar
A plugin to use textile in Habari was presented.

In RFC: CommentBack
A method of allowing Habari powered sites to aggregate the author's comments on other Habari sites was presented.

In Plugin transition from WP to Habari
Questions regarding converting WordPress plugins for use in Habari were raised.

In Quote bookmarklet plugin
A plugin to allow quick quoting of other sites was presented.


In Publish page doesn't use grid
inconsistancy in the layout of the publish page, in relation to the rest of the admin, were pointed out

In WordPress database not imported into an SQLite database
No data was properly imported when attempting to import into Habari.

In Call to member function delete() on a non-object error; delete posts
a failure when attempting to delete a post was documented

In cache/ directory prevents updates when owned by webserver
A permissions error when the cache directory is not owned by the same user as the Habari install was pointed out along with some possible solutions.