News from Habari

Flashback April 8-15 2008


Welcome to the new edition of Habari Flashback! Overall, it's been a quiet week, but groundwork is being laid for some future developments that will have a lasting impact on Habari.


This week there were several updates to available Themes and Plugins as well as some work on the Roadmap for the next release of Habari.

User Mailing List

On the habari-users list topics this week included Some issues with the Media Silos as well as some new theme announcements.

Developer Mailing List

This week on the habari-dev list major discussions included progress on the "Monolith" branch, some information about how function names work in Habari, and an extensive discussion of what the goals for HabariProject.org are in terms of site functionality continued.

Issue Tracker

On this issue tracker, several error messages were pointed out that should be made more user friendly if required extension are not loaded.