News from Habari

Flashback April 22-May 6, 2008


Welcome to another edition of Habari Flashback. It's been a busy week in Habari-land. We've had a bit of a growth spurt this week, with all the attendant aches, pains, stumbles and excitement. Big changes are in the works!


Recently, on the Wiki there pages were added about how to create a plugin and an overview of working with tags. Additionally the 0.5 Roadmap was significantly pared down.

User Mailing List

Activity on the Habari-users mailing list covered topics such as creating Previous/Next Links and how to return more results on a displayed page.

Developer Mailing List

On the Habari-dev list, discussions included Scheduled Posts, impovements to the Access Control system, changes to the structure of -extras, and Taxonomy. The big news was, of course, the merge of the Monolith Branch in to the core of Habari. This represents a major growth spurt for Habari with the attendant aches and stumbles as we get used to the changes.

Issue Tracker

With the aforementioned merge of Monolith there have been 58 tickets closed and 41 opened in the last two weeks. Among these are a report that the SimpleFile Silo breaks if /user/files doesn't exist, the difficulty in filtering for scheduled posts, an the possiblity of expanding the details of a theme's info file, as well as several Monolith related issues.