News from Habari

Finally: Habari 0.7 Release Candidate 1!


The last Habari 0.7 developer preview was in December, 2010. With help from you and everyone who worked with the developer previews, more lingering issues have been discovered and fixed. As a result, a couple of weeks ago, February 13, Habari 0.7 went into feature freeze.

At this point, with few issues being reported, we are happy to present Habari 0.7 RC1. Anyone using a Developer Preview is encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible, especially if you are using it on a live site.

For a complete list of changes in this release since Habari 0.6, please see the release notes. As always, upgrade instructions are available.

You can download a zip file or check out the tag directly from Subversion!

As with all releases, please help out by reporting any bugs you find and stop by the mailing list or jump on IRC if you've got any questions or problems!