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Call for Translators


One of the things we've worked hard on with Habari is to make it usable in multiple native languages. There is still a great deal of work to do to make Habari fully translatable, especially in the Javascript and access control sections, but with each release we get a little closer to reaching the goal.

This post is a request for help on two fronts for the release of Habari 0.7.

First, as with all of Habari, translations rely on volunteers. Launchpad is used to maintain all of Habari's translations. With a Launchpad account, any user is welcome, and invited, to help make Habari fully usable in any language. We now how have at least the beginnings of translations for nearly 40 languages. Of these, Italian and German are as complete for Habari 0.7 as they can be. Spanish, Russian, French, and Traditional Chinese are all very close. Any assistance completing these translations would be appreciated.

Second, right now Habari is distributed with translations for Traditional Chinese, German, Danish, and Japanese. Every release we go back and forth about which translations to distribute with Habari. This time around we would like the input of you, the Habari user, as to which translations should be distributed with Habari. Go ahead and leave your suggestions in the commments.

Things to keep in mind when making your suggestions are:

  • Completeness is good. A barely begun translation won't do the user much good.
  • Habari download size. We try to keep the size of the Habari download as small as possible. Thus, while we do want to include other languages beside English, we can't include every language possible.

This isn't to say the other translations won't be available to you. Periodically, all translation files are downloaded from Launchpad and put in our Habari-Extras Locales repository, where they are available for download. Once downloaded, they can be uploaded to your Habari installations locales folder, where they will detected and ready for use by Habari.