News from Habari

0.4.1 Released


Developer's Release version 0.4.1 of Habari is now available. 0.4.1 contains fixes for several critical bugs in 0.4, and users are encouraged to upgrade. A few bugs that were addressed in this release relate to user data being lost if a session timed out (meaning your post won't be lost if your login session times out before you click save/publish and do not have a plugin enabled to extend the session) and SQLite fixes for installation and upgrading.

Please review the release notes for more information about the release for details on these bugs you can read the commit logs.

It should never go without saying that we offer many thanks to the community for their feedback, patches, and testing for helping move the project towards our first official beta release. Without the community, Habari would not be what it is today. If you are new to Habari, and would like to get involved, our Summer of Collaboration is a perfect opportunity.