Provides the Defensio spam filter webservice to Habari comments.

You will need an API key from defensio for the filter to work. Enter the API key Defensio gives you in the Configuration.

You can also choose the minimum spammines allowed. Any comment with a spaminess value above this value, will be marked as spam.

You can also choose to announce new blog posts you make to Defensio to help Defensio determine what is and what is not spam. The information sent to Defensio is as follows:

You can also choose weather or not to automatically approve comments that Defensio does not think are spam. This means comments not marked as spam will show up immediately on your site.

This plugin also uses a queue system to queue comments to be scanned in case the Defensio servers go down. The plugin will retry the scan every 30 seconds for a total of 6 times. Theses queued comments will show in the comments admin page marked in blue. If the Defensio servers do infact fail to respond within the 6 retries, the comment will be marked unapproved and show in your moderation queue for you to decide.