Habari Downloads

The following is a list of available downloadable versions of Habari, and directories that contain plugins and themes that are hosted on this server.

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Most of the archive files of the Habari distribution show the version number of Habari that they contain. There are notable exceptions:


The "Head" version of Habari is built daily based on the in-development version of the software. If someone says to use a more current version of Habari than what is available here, or to use the "trunk" version, then they are talking about the file named "habari_head.zip".

Unless you know what you're doing, you should not install the head version of Habari on a production web site.


"Makaanga" is a swahili word meaning "a branch that bears fruit". In the case of Habari distributions, the makaanga file contains the most current Habari version with the potential for release.

Just before an official release is made, Habari committers copy the release candidate to the makaanga branch for testing. If you are helping test an upcoming release, you want to download the file named "habari_makaanga.zip".

Plugins and Themes

These directories contain the plugins and themes that are hosted in the Habari-extras repository on this server. Browse to those directories to learn more.

MD5 files

This directory contains some MD5 hashes to verify the authenticity of a Habari archive that you might have downloaded from an alternate download location. You can use a file hash tool to generate an MD5 hash code that you can compare to the one here. If they match, then the file you've downloaded is authentic. If not, don't install!